Sunday Morning by the Goodyear Wimps (2023), Director Tray Robinson and Dylan Wood

A story about love and love lost told by the use of fond memories of Sunday mornings spent with the one you love.

Third Strike (2020), Written By Dylan Wood

 Third Strike is the real life story of Jimmie Whitaker and Barney O’Neill. At eleven, Jimmie shot his mother for asking him to do the laundry, he is thrown into prison for his crime. Inside he’s roommates with Barney O’Neill and they form a Father-Son relationship. Premiered at the Old Idaho Penitentiary 13 stories film festival, 2020.

Red Feather Down (2018), Written By Dylan Wood, Jake Arasim, Bryce Funkhauser, Michelle Oneida

Red Feather Down is a wacky comedy about two best friends who become mortal enemies and begin the Great Pillow Fight. Premiered at the 2018 I48 Screening.

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