Little About Me

I was born in the small town of Camanche, California. Far from Hollywood, my childhood was spent running through fields, chasing lizards and pretending I was a Jedi with my brothers and friends. At age nine, I moved to Idaho.  

Creativity was always a big part of my life. I played with Legos, Army Men, GI Joes and composed Jedi battles between myself and my brothers.

I tried to be a cool jock for my friends, but I failed miserably.  Instead of going to parties or doing whatever else I was supposed to do to be “cool,” I made board games at my home. Most of them were needlessly complicated or repeats of other games, but they were a helpful exercise, which amplified my curiosity in storytelling.

I dove into music, writing, acting and painting, head first. Once college threw itself into the mix, I was able to narrow my focus into the arts, both as a writer and actor exclusively. Despite the challenges of the university grind, I was growing as an artist every day.

Some mistakes followed, one of which was signing up for a local talent agency that charged five hundred dollars for the honor of joining. (Heads up, this is not appropriate in any sized market! If an agency asks this, just run away!)

Over my two years with this agency, they ended up getting me four auditions total. I booked one of these projects and it was for a non-speaking part in a non-paid project. They also nearly messed up my chance to land a part in Xane: The Vampire God. As my agent didn’t disclose the date/location of the audition. I ended up contacting the director directly and landing the part.

The one good thing it did was deliver connections that introduced me to Platform, where I attended the best acting classes I could have ever asked for, taught by April Matson. Given an opportunity to study under her influence was like a dream come true. Soon, I landed several acting jobs she helped set up, and I didn’t even have to pay her ten percent. What a deal!

Studying under Platform has led to vast improvements, both in my acting and daily life. Taking risks began to be more routine than an anomaly, which allowed me to create more opportunities for myself.

Miscellaneous Facts:

I’m a Christian, who attended CCBC Murrieta for two semesters. Very difficult times, but helped me to grow. My favorite Bible verse is “Jesus wept.” Beyond being incredibly easy to memorize for Awana’s (free candy for every verse memorized, let’s go!). It’s also incredibly profound to think of the God of the universe who knows everything to feel so sad that he cries over his friends loss.

I’m a huge basketball and NBA fan, I can probably name just about every starting lineup in the entire league and most head coaches. Unfortunately, I’m a Sacramento Kings fan, so my sports fandom is full of pain.

My favorite genre of music is rap and my favorite rapper of all-time is NF, behind him is Childish Gambino, Kendrick Lamar, Post Malone and Eminem.

Superman is better than Batman, controversial opinion, I know, but #facts.

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